Credit Restart

Building Your Personal Credit Step by Step.
Start your path to establishing personal credit with a plan tailored just for you. We make sure your financial goals come first.

Introducing the Credit ReStart Program

Experience a personalized journey towards rebuilding your credit with our exclusive program. We craft a unique plan, meticulously designed to restore your personal credit in the most impfactful and efficient manner. 

Who is This For? 

If you've had credit problems before and want to start rebuilding, this program is for you. It's also great if you don't have much credit history and need expert help. With this program, you'll build a strong foundation for the best credit profile possible.

Credit ReStart Provides Answers to:

Where's the right place to apply?

How many cards should I open?

Will I get approval?

What cards can I qualify for?

Are these cards a good fit?

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About us

  Why this program?  

Experience a personalized journey towards rebuilding your credit with our exclusive program. We craft a unique plan, meticulously designed to restore your personal credit in the most impactful and efficient manner. 

  How does it work?  

Our service includes a private credit evaluation. A Board Certified Credit Expert will create a  customized blueprint and plan to help you establish credit in the most effective manner. This will position you to lay a solid foundation and to shortcut the amount of time it takes to put you on the path to having strong credit.

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   Why Us?   

With over 10,000 reports reviewed and thousands of clients assisted, we stand out. Our program is carefully crafted after studying hundreds of clients who lacked guidance and often made the wrong decisions. Many credit card offers that follow credit issues come from companies with high interest rates, hefty annual fees, subpar customer service, and low credit limits. We guide you away from these traps and lead you through this journey succesfully.


Credit ReStart Clients

Cheryl Lancaster

“I had major credit issues when I was younger. I was young and irresponsible and didn't know anything.  After ruining my credit, I found myself with one open credit card with a company that was charging high interest rates, a high annual fee and even a monthly fee. It didn't feel right. After going through this program, I now have 7 open accounts and none of them have an annual fee.”

Michael Baggio

“I had a business venture that went south. I lost everything and had to file for Bankruptcy. I received TONS of offers in the mail for new credit cards but they were all at ridiculous interest rates and not true credit card companies. I didn't know who would approve me, especially after a BK, but CreditReStart helped me start and then continue to build on my progress by incorporating 3 Phases of re-establishing credit and the good kind of credit."


How long will it take to get my credit restarted?                      

Each situation is unique. We typically work in a few phases, building on each step. If you follow our instructions and play your part, we'll guide you through the process.

Is this program a good fit for me if I still have bad credit and I'm struggling financially?

If you're facing financial struggles and cash flow issues, it might not be the right time for this program. Focus on resolving those concerns first. However, if you're financially stable but have negative credit accounts, this program can be a fit. 

What does the program entail?

We analyze your credit in real-time, understand your goals, and create a customized strategy. This involves guiding you on where to apply for credit, including more than just credit cards. We use modern tools for a powerful and effective credit restart.

Does the program cover Secured Credit Cards?                      

Yes, it can. Depending on your current credit status, we match you with the best cards available. We ensure you avoid unfavorable cards with high fees or rates. 

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